Prepare an income statement (ignoring income taxes) for Kissick

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Prepare an income statement (ignoring income taxes) for Kissick Co.’s first year of operations and a balance sheet as of the end of the year. (Hint: You may find it helpful to prepare T-accounts for each account affected by the transactions.) (Amounts to be deducted and net loss should be indicated with minus sign.)
a. Issued 192,000 shares of $4-par-value common stock for $768,000 in cash.
b. Borrowed $540,000 from Oglesby National Bank and signed a 11% note due in two years.
c. Incurred and paid $390,000 in salaries for the year.
d. Purchased $720,000 of merchandise inventory on account during the year.
e. Sold inventory costing $580,000 for a total of $910,000, all on credit.
f. Paid rent of $220,000 on the sales facilities during the first 11 months of the year.
g. Purchased $180,000 of store equipment, paying $54,000 in cash and agreeing to pay the difference within 90 days.
h. Paid the entire $126,000 owed for store equipment, and $620,000 of the amount due to suppliers for credit purchases previously recorded.
i. Incurred and paid utilities expense of $34,000 during the year.
j. Collected $835,000 in cash from customers during the year for credit sales previously recorded.
k. At year-end, accrued $59,400 of interest on the note due to Oglesby National Bank.
l. At year-end, accrued $20,000 of past-due December rent on the sales facilities.