New Assignment 2; Due October 7th

Question Description:


·         Assignment should be the APA format

·         Assignment should be at least 16 pages and double spaced exclusive of title page and the list of references.

·         Each question should be written as a mini essay and this involves at least three pages

·         Address each sub question should be answered

·         Please provide intext citation in every paragraph.

·         Answers should be concise, complete and comprehensive.

·         Proper sentence structure, grammar and punctuation

·         Ensure academic integrity and plagiarism

·         Any works from other sources must be cited

·         There should be an end reference list also intext citations for each question wherever needed.

·         Correct URL for the online materials.

·         Intext legal citations for the first question is so important


Ø  While doing the assignments, please ensure the following factors, these are the grading criteria that instructor follows



·         Does the answer demonstrate knowledge of the topic?

·         Is the analysis appropriate in method, scope, and depth?

·         Are ideas or concepts logically connected?

·         Is the answer relevant to the question posed?

·         Does the answer the engage the course material.?


·         In the answer in a style appropriate for good academic communication?

·         Is the flow of ideas logical and easy to follow?

·         Is English usage and spelling correct?

·         Are quotations properly referenced?

·         Do references and bibliographies adhere to APA (and to McGill style for legal citations)

·         Does the answer meet the page limit or word?

·         Does the answer adhere to the standards for academic integrity?