Microsoft Word Assignment – Submit a word document as a business

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IS 2200

Microsoft Word Assignment (50 points)

Submit a Word document as a business letter for the two preceding Excel and PowerPoint Pizzeria assignments.  Name it with YourLastnameWord.docx

The audience for the letter is a loan officer at the First National Bank. The purpose of the letter is to support your client’s application for a loan to help start the Diner business. Please ensure that you refer to your textbook for the proper business letter format. The letter itself should have a complete and correct standard business letter and written in sound business prose and be formal in tone. In addition to the correct structure, your letter should include:

  1. An informative and useful graph from Excel,
  1. An informative and useful slide from your PowerPoint presentation, and
  1. An informative useful table.

Please create your own letterhead and use the following as the send to address:

Paul M. Johnson, the title is Senior Loan Manager, and the address is 950 Bank Lane. It is located in Savannah, Georgia. The zip code is 31415.

Please refer to the following grade rubric to ensure that you accounted for all parts.

Criteria Possible points 
Spelling and grammar 5 points
Correct form for a business letter 10 points
Graph 05 points
Slide from PowerPoint 05 points
Table 05 points
Professional content and writing 20 points
Score (out of 50)