Important information about truth

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Important information about truth

I don’t think we can actually give a technical definition of truth-at least not one that can be used to verify the truth of statements. Truth is just a label we attach to those of our beliefs that we hold very
strongly, and different people have different processes for evaluating beliefs and attaching the label.

1. Morris writes, “Truth is just that mapping of reality that corresponds to the way things are” (p. 28). Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

2. “What’s true for you may not be true for me.” This is the basic attitude of relativism. Explain in detail why such an attitude could be very harmful in a working environment.

Professional Development
1. How does the respect for truth or the lack of respect for truth impact the organization you are currently working for (or an organization you worked for in the past)?

How does (did) the leadership of the organization manifest a respect or disrespect for truth and what impact does this have on other employees?

2. Can lying to an employer or to an employee ever be justified? Explain why or why not.

Issues to Consider
1. Morris believes that honorable collaboration with others will help bring about greater accomplishments than individual competition can produce. Provide a few examples from your own business experiences to either support or dispute Morris’ position.


Just Business: Business Ethics in Action, second Edition by Elaine Sternberg
If Aristotle Ran General Motors: The New Soul of Business by Tom Morris


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//Here, I am exploring the concept of truth, as considered by Morris. I have described how truth is just about the mapping of reality that corresponds to the way things are. As per the demand of the query, I have focused on the major points//

there is no single definition or statement about truth. But we can say truth is relates to reality. reality in every day usage means ” everything which schist” this turn has wide sense while include everything which is observable ,undertones by science ,at and philosophy, system and analyses .reality is happing that is truth .its means we can agree by Morris’s statement ” truth is just that mapping of reality that corresponds to the way things are” because truth is based upon reality ,reality is asked upon facts and facts is based upon truth .a facts s the statement of affairs is reality that corresponds to a true preposition .

According to theories of truth true belief and true statement are linked to reality it earn truth is mapping the reality or truth recognized by the reality – what is happening recognize by the reality why is it happening? How it is happening?

Truth is said to consist is the agreement of know gage with the object .and we can get object by only reality.

Reference: www.enwikipedia .org

// In this section, I am explaining the concept of ‘true’ in the manner that what is true for you; may not be true for me. Not only this, I will be discussing about the impact of applying such a concept in the Organization//

“What is true for you may not be true for me”. …

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