HRM Trends

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Visit both of the following sites and find information about a current trend that affects HRM. What is a trend? A trend can be considered a general direction that something is headed. A trend in HRM refers to something that is happening that will impact HR practices or management of people in an organization. For example, the trend could be something that impacts how companies recruit, select, pay, provide benefits, etc. It can be a change in law, a change in demographics, a change in technology, etc. (Links to an external site.) (Note that some of the articles are available only to members.) (Links to an external site.) (To register, go to and use the following code: Q4CN.) These articles are summaries and may give you ideas regarding trends to research. However, you cannot write a two-page paper based only on the short Prospera summaries.)
Write a two-paged, double-spaced summary regarding one of the trends you researched and cite your sources using the MLA or APA writing style. Describe the trend and how it impacts organizations and HR. Be sure to use at least three sources.

You are also welcome to reference other credible journal articles. Note that I have posted a list of resources in a document titled, HRJournals, in the Resource Folder on K-State Online Canvas. If you’re not sure how to evaluate a source, review the information that is provided at Purdue Owl’s writing lab: https://owl.englilsh/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Please upload your paper and bring a copy of your paper to class with you.