Ethical Decision Model is described, the relevance to business is examined in the solution, circumstantial constraints are examined, the modes are examined, options are evaluated.

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Can someone on your staff help me complete my writing assignment using the ethical decision model 4 step process. Please see the attached document

Ethical Decision Model – Step one Clarify the question
Ethical Decision Model Step – 2 determining its relevance for this business
Ethical Decision Model Step – 3 Identify the circumstantial constraints
Ethical Decision Model Step – 4 Assess the available options

Ethical Decision Model – Step one Clarify the question
Three years ago, I had one of our managers from the Civil Engineering Department make an illegal purchase. The manager in question, went to a near by hardware store, and purchased over $2,500 of building material for an up coming Civil Engineering project without having the authority to purchase the materials. Our Business Manager brought the Illegal purchase to our attention once she had a chance to consolidate all chargeable invoices; many in the finance department were also questioning the purchase due to a missing purchase request. Department manager are responsible for filling out a purchase request, and getting the proper approval before a purchase order is generate, before any purchase or materials are brought. Our purchasing department due to the lack of funding for project materials, and missing purchasing forms prompted this purchase. Additionally, vendors have been known in this part of the country to Independently generate fraudulent charges on accounts who have previously conducted business with them.

Supervisors and managers are reminded on a monthly basis to report improper or questionable (PURCHASES) charges to the company’s ethics office or to senior management. Once an illegal purchase is established through senior management, an investigation will be conducted and if a review establishes that, the allegation constitutes unethical or illegal activity, and if it is supported by specific information or corroborating, evidence the company must follow-up. Departments within the company that have responsibility for conducting investigations include Auditors, Human Relations, Equal Opportunity, and Ethics Officers. Other departments within our company may become involved in investigations based on their areas of oversight responsibility or expertise, and these that are providing oversight will make every effort to perform the investigation discreetly. The details of the investigation will be kept confidential, to the extent feasible, and consistent with company policies and applicable federal, state, and local laws.
I confirmed this unauthorized purchase by checking all invoices, products, services, prices and terms of sale with our Finance Department Supervisor and the Hardware Store Manager.

Ethical Decision Model Step – 2 determining its relevance for this business
Department managers have a fiduciary responsibility to act ethically and/or legally as a “caretaker” when dealing with financial matters. Those who make decisions or give approval for purchases must ensure that funds are expended responsibly, reasonably, and in compliance with the intentions, rules, law and concerns of the provider of the funds.
DynCorp International Employee Code of Ethics is a set policies that describe the appropriate conduct for all company employees. It is vital that employees, managers, and senior level officals be aware of and adheres to this code not only with regard to purchasing activities but also in all aspects of their position.
Unit Administrators set the tone within our organization as to the importance of conducting business in an ethical manner. Making or approving purchases that are not allowed, are not compliant or do not further the mission of the university, weakens our control environment. Unit Administrators contribute to creating a strong internal control environment by ensuring departmenta…