Capital Projects Fund 1. The Eagleton Capital Projects

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Capital Projects Fund
1. The Eagleton Capital Projects Fund issued $2,400,000 in 10%, 10 year serial bonds for $2,500,000.
2. The premium was transferred to the Debt Service Fund
3. A contract for $2,300,000 was signed with Offerman Woodshop Construction Company.
4. The General Fund transferred $200,000 to the Capital Projects Fund.
5. The first progress billing of $1,600,000 was received from Offerman Woodshop Construction Company.
6. The invoiced amount was vouchered, retaining 10% until the project is completed.
7. The vouchered amount was paid.
8. The Capital Projects Fund was closed as it is the end of the current fiscal year, the project will be finished next year. Record the closing entry

Debt Service Fund
9. The premium was received from the Eagleton Capital Projects Fund (amount from #2 above)
10. The Debt Service Fund received a transfer from the General Fund for $600,000.
11. The Debt Service Fund paid the first interest payment of $120,000 and the first principal payment of $240,000.
12. The Debt Service fund paid the second interest payment of $108,000.
13. The Debt Service Fund was closed. Record the closing entry.

Water Utility Fund
14. The Dwyer Water Utility Fund billed nongovernmental customers for $300,000 and governmental customers for $225,000.
15. Collected $260,000 from nongovernmental customers and $125,000 from governmental customers.

16. Salaries were paid: $200,000