a. What happens to WBCs during MODS? b. Which WBCs are

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  1. a. What happens to WBCs during MODS?
  2. b.  Which WBCs are particularly active?
  3. c.  What specific tissue damage do these WBCs cause?d.  If you did a differential WBC count on a MODS patient, what results would you expect?
  4. During MODS, the endocrine system is affected.
  5. Which hormones are hypersecreted?
  6. Which hormones are hyposecreted?

What are the effects of these hormone imbalances in a person with MODS

I need help with the questions about and given really detailed answers for each. I have a exam coming up and I have to understand these questions and I cannot find anything online to help me. And if you can use references that way I can see where you founds the answers so I can look into that website to learn more about Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). Please and thank you so much for helping me.