Due to one reason or another, the need to refund a customer may arise and anyone with basic understanding of essay writing services or custom writing services understand that. As such USACOURSEWORKHELP.COM advises our esteemed customers to read our money back guarantee policy very carefully before placing an order at our site in order to ensure that there are no inconveniences or misunderstandings. At USACOURSEWORKHELP.COM, the policy is divided into two categories
A) Before approving the order(case) preview version.
B) After approving the order (case).

NOTE : In both A and B above, if you reside at any of the European Union countries and had paid Value Added Tax (VAT), you should note that VAT and the cost of transaction are non-refundable.

Before approving the order(case) preview version.

100% MoneyBack
1. When a client cancels an order for clarification purposes.
2. When there is a mistake/confusion in payment i.e double payment, double charging, payment for an identical order
3. When the company is unable to offer you a suitable writer.
4. When a client cancels the order before a suitable writer is allocated the order.
5. After the deadline has passed and you dont require the paper anymore. NOTE : This does not apply to revisions.

70% MoneyBack
1. The writer has been assigned your order, and less than a quarter of the deadline has passed. The writer should be compensated since he has started working on your order.

50% MoneyBack
1. A writer cannot be provided for your revision.
2. A writer has been allocated your order (case), and more than a half of the deadline has elapsed.

Other instances when a refund may be applicable is when :
1) When we fail to deliver the paper on the agreed deadline “ A refund is made by re-calculating the deadline with which the paper was submitted to you. For instance, if the deadline of a given order is 24 hours and we delivered the paper within 26 hours, you will be refunded due to late submission. However NOTE : that this does not apply to revisions.
2) If you are not contended with the quality of the paper you have received. If this is the case, you may request for a FREE revision. However, if this does not work for you, a new writer can be assigned your order. Moreover, you can set the order on dispute status by writing a message to our customer agents.

After Approving your Order
Any of our esteemed customers can study his/her order (case) and ask the writer for more corrections if the need arises. NOTE: Once the Approve button is pressed, you are not qualified to ask for any refund whatsoever. However, pressing the Approve button gives you a direct access to an editable and printable version of the order. You should always ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the paper before pressing the Approve button.

NOTE: After the Approve button is pressed, you are given a maximum of 7 days to ask for a revision. However, you must give genuine reasons as to why you need a paper reviewed.
Do not attempt to press the Approve button if you havent checked the paper’s quality or you are not satisfied with it.